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Life without electronic gadgets is hard to believe. Gone are the days when people don’t use air conditioners or mobiles or laptops. Can you imagine how your work gets done if no mobile phone or laptop is available? Or how do you bear this hot summer without an air conditioner in your office or home? Nowadays everyone needs electronic gadgets in their day-to-day life because they made our life effortless. Electronic gadgets have become a basic need of our daily lives.

Croma is India’s leading Consumer Durables and Electronics (CDE) retailer. It is a store where you can look up all your electronic needs in one place. Croma is a one-stop shop for electronics. It is one of India’s top electronic appliance brands as it provides top-branded electronic gadgets and appliances for its customers.

At Croma, you can get mobile phones and wearables like chargers, screen protectors, wearable device straps, and cases. You can also get the latest Headphones or Earphone sets, Health and Fitness products, Personal care and Grooming products, Smart Devices, etc.

Croma features a range of home and kitchen appliances that will help you if you are looking to set up a new home or trying to replace your existing home appliances. Croma has everything you need for your kitchen and home:  televisions, air fryers, washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators, microwaves, and more.

About Croma

The first Croma store was launched in October 2006 in Juhu, Mumbai. Cromaensure that customers experience a better tomorrow today at Croma! With over 6000 products from 200 brands and 150+ stores in major cities across India Croma is the leading electronics brand in India. Currently, they are operating 17 stores in India.

Croma is one of its kind large format retail stores that serves all multi-brand home electronics and digital gadgets as per the needs of the customer. For more than a decade, Croma has become a synonym for all electronic needs with its high product range, supportive staff, and user-friendly customer care services.

In 2008, Croma launched its own labeled product that is intended to delight customers. The Croma brand has been built upon a promise to provide customers with life’s more beautiful experiences not just in appearance, but also in the value each product offers to a customer’s life. The Croma brand is perfect for those who wish to experience a completely feature-packed and quality product.


Croma Features

Croma features a wide range of electronic gadgets and home appliances. They provide appliances that make your daily life easy and also help you to maintain your health. Croma provides quality products to its customers.

Smart Watches or Smart Bands can help you maintain your daily life health routine. These devices can also monitor your health. You can also gift these smartwatches to your parents which can help them monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

Croma also features a wide range of air and water purifiers that can help you to maintain your health and keep you away from polluted air and water.

Apart from the internal beauty, you have to look presentable. Croma offers a wide range of grooming products such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, curlers, trimmers, shavers, etc.

For today’s generation music is a part of their daily life. Music can help to relieve stress and listening to music can also brighten up your mood. Croma considers audio devices such as earphones, earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers, headphones which can give you relief from stress.

Croma also features home and kitchen appliances such as air conditioners, TV, laptops, ovens, cooking appliances, refrigerators, security systems, and more which can ease your daily life routines.

Why Prefer Croma?

Croma is trusted by its customers for more than 15 years. It is the largest multi-brand home electronics and digital gadgets company in India. The serving staff and the customer care services at Croma are user-friendly.

Croma provides a buyer’s guide for every electronic purchase. Also, the cancelation and return policies are applicable to the gadgets. They have return policies for digital gadgets, entertainment devices, home, and kitchen appliances, and accessories. But the return policy is applicable within the window mentioned on the product.

Apart from this Croma Online offers sales and discounts on their products so you can save on your favorites. You can save the maximum amount using Croma Coupons. Croma’s offers are applicable to almost every product they feature. Grab the Croma Coupon Code and get exclusive discount offers on every electronic’s purchase. So with Croma, you can buy a good quality product and save at the same time.


For electronic gadgets and home appliances, Croma is the best store with a large number of varieties of products. Croma is the perfect choice for those who expect feature-packed and quality products for their home and kitchen. With Croms Online you can bring whatever you wish for your house at affordable prices. You can also connect with customer support and expertise via email.

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